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Luke Razzell


Luke trained as a musician at Cambridge University and the Royal Academy of Music and went on to pursue a career as a piano teacher over the next 15 years.

In 2003, seeking a new challenge — and more importantly to help people express themselves and connect with one another on a grander scale — Luke turned to a new career as an entrepreneur and designer in the social digital space. He co-founded groundbreaking blog filtering startup Blog Friends in 2007, then went on to pursue the design and strategy consulting practice that became Weaver.

Fast forward to 2013 and Luke is building a new startup called Wiiv: a social network for makers that helps them showcase their insights and work in the context of collaborations with others.

Luke’s passionate commitment is to create experiences that delight and satisfy in equal measure, and which inspire people to be themselves, but more so, in the constantly evolving medium that is digital.

Luke also speaks Japanese — most often with his wife and Weaver’s Associate Creative Director, Kahori Razzell.


Kahori Razzell

Associate Creative Director

Kahori began her career as a knitting yarn designer after graduating from Bunka Fashion College.

However, Kahori soon came to feel creatively constrained by the conservative use of colour in the fashion industry and decided to take a more colourful direction!

In 2003, Kahori beat off 45 other applicants to work as a graphic designer at Heads Inc. with branding guru Shinzo Takahashi — despite her rudimentary skills and complete lack of experience.  Kahori quickly became absorbed in packaging design, working with top brands such as Shiseido, Chanel and Unicharm.

In 2010, Kahori decided to challenge herself once again, leaving Japan for the UK and a new freelance design career.

Meeting and then marrying(!) Luke in 2011, Kahori joined Weaver soon afterwards. Her consummate skills and experience in graphic design, illustration, branding and print design, her easy rapport with clients and her growing experience in digital design all combine to make Kahori an invaluable addition to Weaver’s team.

can help you create experiences that they very much do

experiences that are simple, learnable, valuable and beautiful.

even in the most complex, challenging and fast-moving of problem spaces.

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Recce.at is a critically acclaimed and massively popular 3D maps app, co-founded by ex-Google Engineering Director Rian Liebenberg and Ian Hetherington, the man behind the original Playstation. Weaver developed Recce’s UX and brand strategy, conducted user research and worked on the UI.


Recce launched in London in July 2012 and is to expand globally, one city at a time. The focus is on live data, including events, traffic, social media, reviews and even weather.


Key landmarks are lovingly hand-drawn — and you can fly to them at the tap of a menu option!


The whole thing has a fun, Sims-y feel, but powerful search and discovery options are present and correct.

Language City


Language City makes learning English into a Cityville-style game experience. Weaver conducted user interviews, contributed to the UI design and advised on UX strategy.


The game entails exploring London as a 3D virtual world, visiting famous landmarks, and even hanging out in a pub. Education as entertainment!



Weaver researched and designed Noddle, an innovative consumer-facing credit report service that has grown to over 100,000 registered users in its first half year. Noddle has also been praised by users for both its power and ease of use — just take a look at the many glowing Recommendations on the Noddle Facebook page.


The interactive credit report itself sits at the heart of the service. Its surface simplicity belies a surprising depth of information and options.


Noddle also includes a vouchers and offers service that incorporates sophisticated and intuitive personalisation features.

Over The Air


Weaver created a fresh new logo for Europe’s largest annual mobile hackathon event, Over The Air. Part mobile phone signal, part rainbow (“over the rainbow”), part angel (the non-profit aspect of OTA) , the symbol we came up with is nevertheless simple and strong enough to communicate the brand essence of OTA clearly across a variety of media.



Columba Systems‘ financial events calendaring business had run way ahead of its website and brand identity when they called Weaver in. We created a clean yet atmospheric new look for Columba that their corporate clients can relate too and trust while still feeling Columba’s disruptively innovative edge.


The larger part of Weaver’s work with Columba was a root and branch redesign of their flagship product, Catalyst Calendar. With thousands of daily financial events happening across the world and a massively complex set of data filtering requirements, it was a great UI design challenge!


Betavine Social Exchange


Weaver consulted to Vodafone Group R&D, leading the UX strategy, research and design for their R&D project, Betavine Social Exchange. BSX was a wide-ranging and massively ambitious community site for mobile app developers that, for strategic reasons, since became the somewhat more conventional developer.vodafone.net.

Repair Drink


Weaver carried out the packaging design for a beauty supplement from Japanese cosmetics company N.A.Gene. The supplement’s ingredients include Proteoglycan — a substance deriving from salmon! Instead of trying to explain the detailed science behind the supplement on the space-limited packaging, we came up with a visual, infographic-style approach that communicated the products key attributes and benefits.


The striking, Art Deco inspired look both delighted the client and helped to drive sales well beyond their expectations.



A packaging design project for a soap made from, amongst other things, seaweed. The “gooey foam” safety sticker strongly differentiates the product from its competitors on the shelves of major department stores.




A packaging design project with Ritsumeikan University, Japan. The idea was to dispense disaster survival kits in tins from vending machines! The product was completed just a month before the major Japanese earthquake of 2011, and 10,000 kits with a modified design were distributed to the affected area in 3 months.


Weaver also designed this eye-catching stand for iBOUSAI’s presence at a major exhibition in Kyoto in 2011.

The four tins are respectively themed on beauty, care, night time and getting home. Of these themes, however, beauty was key: research has shown the great psychological importance for female victims of disaster to be able to maintain their appearance, and it was the project’s differentiated focus on cosmetics that enabled it to attract both government sponsorship and donations on a massive scale from the beauty industry.



The iBOUSAI product design needed to attract donations from cosmetic, fashion, medical industries, and of course get media attention. For this reason, the design is cool and fashionable, rather than reflecting the serious nature of the product’s usage.

Mother’s Day promotion


Illustration for a Mother’s Day promotion by one of the biggest department stores in Japan.



you might say we relish a challenge.

and by delivering consistently excellent — and integrated — strategy, research and design work, we massively reduce project risk.

which is perhaps why our clients have


  • bbh
  • callcredit
  • columba
  • dfjesprit
  • mindshapes
  • northcliffemedia
  • peerindex
  • recce
  • thomsonreuters
  • unilever
  • vodafone

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said some disarmingly nice things about our founder and our work:

“a user experience expert (genius?!)” – sami labibidi, mindshapes and playfish co-founder

“luke is a creative user experience expert. he has an instinctive sense for what will work for users in the rapidly changing online world.” – tom ilube, md consumer markets, callcredit group

“the work that weaver has done for noddle stands the test of time and we continue to use it as the core of all our new content and we continue to get extremely positive feedback from customers and prospective partners alike. the unanimous feedback from partners is how much they love the site, its simplicity and ease of navigation.” – jacqueline dewey, marketing director, noddle (callcredit group)

“a visionary social web architect and an inspirational internet entrepreneur.” – ofer deshe, director of strategy & operations, electronic ink

“thanks for all your contributions over the past 8 months. your work on user experience, interaction and interface design has been enormously valuable, helping us narrow down a core set of experiences and usecases that enabled us to take a product to market.” – rian liebenberg, coo, recce.at, ex director of engineering, google